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Scholarship for the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards 

This scholarship is open to ISTA members who are candidates for National Board Certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. The ISTA Foundation accepts and reviews applications on a rolling basis beginning Sept. 1. The scholarship is awarded on a first come, first served basis as applications are received, provided the applicant meets all scholarship criteria.

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Outstanding Treasurer Award


The Outstanding Treasurer Award was established to reward well‐trained, effective local and district council treasurers and to recognize them for their service and dedication to their associations.


To qualify for an Outstanding Treasurer Award, a treasurer must comply with the criteria outlined in the nomination form which covers membership dues remittal, financial records and training.


Treasurers who meet all the criteria for the award and are nominated by their local presidents or district council chairs automatically receive the award.


Each recipient is recognized at a local or district event and receives a certiϐicate and a letter of recognition from the ISTA treasurer.


To earn this prestigious award, your treasurer must have met the following qualifications during the current fiscal year:

  • The local treasurer has forwarded ISTA and NEA membership dues in accordance with the ISTA Bylaws with no outstanding charges to the local Association by ISTA during the fiscal year.
  • The local association or district council has a properly adopted financial budget.
  • Financial reports were prepared and given at least once during the ϐiscal year.
  • The treasurer attended at least one treasurer’s workshop within the past two ϐiscal years.
  • The local president or district council chair verifies that all the above activities have been accomplished to the benefit of the members.

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Opportunity Grant

Eligible: Local associations and District Councils

This grant is open to a local association, two or more local associations jointly or a District Council to initiate creative projects/programs, which enhance public education in our local communities. The $500 grant is awarded annually, and as funding permits, grant renewal may be considered.

Criteria for selection includes the project/program’s link to the community, the applicant’s commitment to the project/program, the promotion and enhancement of public education and the ongoing effort to support public education. Applications must be submitted by Nov. 30 with all supportive materials included. The Issues and Concerns communications subcommittee will review applications and make recommendations to the board of directors for grants to be awarded by Jan. 15.

Questions? Contact John O'Neal.

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 Professional Development Grant

Eligible: Local associations and/or District Councils

This grant is open to local associations and District Councils to provide professional development to their members. For the purposes of this grant, professional development is any program or process that results in developing the skills of educators, increases student learning or improves school or classroom quality.

The grant provides a disbursement of $1 for every member in the local association or District Council, whichever applies. Annual funding for this grant is limited.

Grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The Professional Practices & Standards Committee will review and approve grant applications quarterly by the following dates: Nov. 15, Feb. 15, May 15 and Aug. 15. The grant summary form must be submitted 30 days after the last grant activity is completed, or by Aug. 31, whichever is sooner.

Questions? Contact Angela Miller.

Only locals or district councils may apply for this grant. Individual members are not eligible.

Grants will be approved by the Professional Practices & Standards Committee by the following dates: 

Nov. 15         Feb. 15         May 15        Aug.15

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